Welcome to the new and updated AXON website.

Some time ago, our senior team embarked on a process to look closely at the things that unite all areas of our business, whether that be medical communications, public relations, clinical trial services or market access. It turns out that our people have many things in common – being smart, very focused on achieving their clients’ goals and a great thirst for discovering new things. They are also very conscious of the fact that behind any communications or educational tasks there are real patients with real medical needs.

When we looked more closely what became clear was that the thing that unites all our people, in their very varied roles, is a desire to take complex information, distill it, and produce clear communications presented in a compelling way. We are about “decoding health care” – taking the complex and making it simpler and more engaging, with the ultimate goal of improving care and outcomes for patients. That philosophy can be applied, whether we are designing a professional educational strategy, recruiting into a clinical trial, shaping disease awareness, seeking reimbursement or developing integrated launch plans for a new drug or technology.

Once we had defined our value proposition, decoding health care, we knew we needed to update our brand to reflect this, and hence we are introducing our new branding. We have picked up on the concept of coding providing a visual theme to all our communications, while introducing a strong, simple and clear logo for AXON – simplicity coming out of the complex.

We are very proud of our new branding and hope that you like it. Please enjoy our website, get in touch with us and above all, come visit us in our new offices in London and Toronto or our other offices in New York, Copenhagen and Montreal.