Well if you’re reading this then the answer is yes. Well done on surviving yet another apocalypse, bad luck to those ‘festive time haters’ listening to Slade for the 100th time thinking it would have been an appropriate time for the world to end (my mother falls firmly into this category).

There seems to be a big hype around this one though, Friday 21 December 2012 being the end of the Mayan Calendar and therefore the end of the world. I love that NASA had to get involved with this, telling us all to pipe down and get on with the Christmas shopping producing a video entitled ‘why the world didn’t end yesterday.’ I felt I should provide an explanation for you all; we are changing from the 12th baktun to the 13th baktun, and that’s a cycle that has been running for 400 years so the current sequence of 13 baktuns has been running since 3114 BC or 5,125 years and a baktun is 144,000 days. Make sense? Nope I don’t understand either.

I read an article in the Guardian newspaper about the hype surrounding the Mayan apocalypse and how it is really a reflection on how we are all obsessed with our own mortality. This got me thinking, are we all guilty of leading our lives obsessed with our health and the prevention of dying? With the advance in drugs and treatments in recent years we have now enabled ourselves to live longer and have a better quality of life, but at what point do we realize that nature is telling us our time is up? Are we going to become so obsessed with our own mortality that we end up taking drugs to keep us alive when we are 150 years old? Now that is a lot of Christmas’ listening to Slade! With an already ageing population and limited resources, one could argue that allowing us to live for longer will end up as a negative impact on society, we will be alive but what conditions will we be faced with?

I’m not sure what the right or wrong answer is but I’m sure either way the world is not going to end today (even if it does, I won’t have to face the ‘I told you so’ looks from you believers because we’ll all be dead anyway).

Emma Gayler