While brainstorming ideas on how to celebrate the ten year anniversary of AXON London this October, a number of ideas were raised; a big party (of course, what’s a celebration without a party), a celebration with our clients (particularly  as a number of them have been working with us for almost ten years) and then the idea that perhaps we could donate an hour of time for each year of our existence, for each employee, to a charity of their choice (halleluiah we get to give something back, and it’s part of our work time = GENIUS). So that was that decided.

As we begun planning for what quickly became known as the AXON London ‘Giving 10’ programme, it came to light that 10 hours of time from each employee was the equivalent of over £50,000 worth of time!

With all this time on our hands we wanted to make the most of it, so we decided to reach out to a local charity which was very important to a number of AXON employees – the Teenage Cancer Trust, to find ways that we could use our time to help support their activities. A number of employees are using their 10 hours to support the charity; from using our fine-tuned communication skills to help them launch their ‘Rally Challenges UK’ event next month, to handing out informative flyers at the upcoming ‘Lounge on the Farm’ festival in Kent from 25th July we hope our involvement can help make even a small difference. We then decided we wanted to go further than just donating our time, and have since announced the Teenage Cancer Trust as our official AXON London charity of the year. This way we hope to raise some additional funds to support the trust, and can continue to support the hard work they do.

Beyond the Teenage Cancer Trust, we are donating our time in all sorts of ways. So far we’ve had singing in a choir for the Prince’s Trust, to swimming 5 km for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and there’s a lot more to come. If I could list just a few we’ll be cycling, helping the homeless, walking dogs, gardening for the elderly – the list goes on! We’ll be blogging about our experiences along the way, and there may even be a few photos, so be sure to check back for regular updates, you can also follow us on Twitter @AxonComms to hear how we’re doing.

Overall, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our ten year anniversary!

To learn more about the Teenage Cancer Trust visit: http://www.teenagecancertrust.org/

Sophie Ryan