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“The core of communications is building and maintaining strong relationships within your network.”

Shawn Patterson

Vice President, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Shawn Patterson Baker


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Are you sitting comfortably? Many of us spend our days sitting but there is no need to be desk bound! Pick a comfy spot, sit cross-legged, try a standing desk or go for a walking meeting – work where you work best! #LifeAtAXON is about YOU – it’s #YourAXON

Whatever your passions or skillsets, we want our team to make the most of them. Tailor your role to your interests and develop your #Career to thrive! #LifeAtAXON is about YOU – it’s #YourAXON #Hiring #MedComms #PR #PersonalDevelopment

Impossible inspires us to do more. To explore new ground, to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. With over 8000 new medicines and vaccines in development, together we’re making the impossible possible and #WeWontRest Retweeted by AXON Communications

Our offices across the globe🌎are excited and geared up to support the many nations we represent here at @AXON_Comms! Good luck athletes – we are cheering you on! We’re looking for gold medal🥇 talent, discover your next opportunity: #LifeAtAXON

With colleagues based in #Brighton, #Copenhagen, #London, #NewYork and #Toronto, we are truly a global powerhouse! Be part of something big and unlock your next opportunity, wherever in the world you are. #LifeAtAXON is about YOU – it’s #YourAXON #Hiring

Creating magical work is shared passion here at @AxonComms. Want to achieve your personal best with an award-winning team? Join us to be set for success. #LifeAtAXON is about YOU – it’s #YourAXON #Hiring #MedComms #PR

“It is when we encounter the most difficult problems that we come up with the most creative solutions.”

Jay Virani

Account Director, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Annie Kim


At AXON, we like to share our insights and experiences. From the latest medical findings to personal adventures, please check here regularly to find out more.

“AXON’s uniqueness rests in the diversity and breadth of experience of our teams to develop creative solutions to healthcare challenges.”

Romina Oxborough

Vice President, AXON Clinical Trial Services


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