AXON Communications medical writer James McCary sheds some light on the wonderful world of Medical Communications and why it’s an industry worthy of celebration

How did you get into Medical Communications?

Medical Communications (or MedComms to those of us in the industry) is not often advertised as an obvious career pathway for graduates. It’s not an industry that’s widely recognized, even by some who work within the healthcare field – it’s niche, it’s unique, and it’s something that you have to seek.

For my own journey, I was lead here by a love of science but without a clear understanding of how to apply my Biology degree after graduating. I was excited by innovative research that furthers our understanding of medicine and disease, but never saw myself working in a lab. So then I asked, what comes next? What happens to data from a lab or a clinical trial? Where is it published, how is it used, and how can it change clinical practice?

And what I found was MedComms – an entire industry dedicated to the creation of strategies, content and campaigns to disseminate new research to healthcare professionals (or doctors, nurses, pharmacists, among others) and patients and caregivers to inform them of the latest developments in the field!

Why do you enjoy your job?

The reason I most enjoy medical writing is because I value the importance of scientific communication. Relaying new data in a way that is accessible to the wider healthcare community drives peer-to-peer education. Sharing research to stimulate new schools of thinking and change clinical practice is what will ultimately help to refine treatment pathways and improve the lives of patients.

As medical writers, we often get the opportunity to work with people who are at the forefront of their field. We share the same passion as healthcare professionals, which is ultimately to help people lead happy and healthy lives. Seeing how new medicines and new technologies are used to change treatment landscapes and impact patient outcomes for the better is inspiring.


After 3 years of working at AXON, I know I’m lucky to be at an agency that invests in people. AXON is strongly committed to supporting the well-being of its employees, including both physical and mental well-being, and strive to foster an environment that allows everyone to achieve a healthy work–life balance. This culture of support extends throughout the business, with an approachable senior management team, line managers and mentors who provide guidance and counsel to deliver great work, and to further your own professional development.

AXON also offers the opportunity for you to drive your own projects. Employees at all levels of experience are given the autonomy to build relationships with clients and take leadership of their work, which I think reflects the level of trust that AXON gives to the people we hire. The people who work here may be from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, but I believe we share a common value in that we truly want to see each other succeed.

In summary

I’m so proud to be able to celebrate our unique and niche industry today and throughout the year, and hope that however you found your way into MedComms, or if you’re looking to learn more about it, that you’re able to find as exciting and varied career as I’ve found so far!