Tabula Rasa: a blank slate. This is how many people view the month of January: a New Year and opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. I typically have not been one to set resolutions with the dawn of a New Year. What is the point of establishing a resolution just to break it?

That said, once 2014 arrived I found myself being drawn to the resolution tradition. What if I set practical goals? But what changed my perspective on resolutions? Perhaps it is the fact that my husband and I are new parents mastering the art of juggling. What better time than January to identify what I would like to juggle well? And so my 2014 blank slate begins with:

1. Read one book per month

I love to read, but I have not been reading as much I would like to. I want to up the ante in a practical way. The books I’ve chosen are a mixture of professional and personal interests; here is a taste of what I will be reading: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson in January, followed by Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan in February, and The Art of Racing in Rain by Garth Stein in March.

2. Continue to go to my favorite yoga class on Thursday evenings

I began going to this class when my son took on a consistent bedtime last year. It combines strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation into one hour. Perfection! I’m not unrealistic though, life happens and there will be Thursdays that I will not be able to attend. In those cases, I will make it up on Saturday mornings.

3. Save money on a weekly basis by putting aside the amount that corresponds to the week number

Sound confusing? It’s not; in fact, it is quite easy: Week 1, save $1; week 2, save $2, week 3, save $3; etc. Add it all up and at the end of 2014 I will have an extra $1378 to put towards a vacation, Christmas gifts, home renovations, or whatever! My husband is onboard to do this as well and when I shared this resolution with my team, everyone was so gung-ho to hop on the extra cash band wagon that we have a weekly calendar reminder set up.

My resolutions cover the three things I always wish for my loved ones when a New Year approaches: health, wealth, and happiness. I’m planning to make 2014 a prosperous year, what about you?

Daniella McCrorie