Generally, people seek out their own kind. Not us. We prefer to mix it up; it’s how we create integrated solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to blend the scientific rigor of medical communications and clinical research experts with creativity and insightful analytics of a PR firm to deliver compelling communications solutions. We are committed to achieving meaningful results in an industry that impacts the lives of patients.

Our accomplished team provides expertise from molecule to market in medical communications, public relations, clinical trial services and market access communications. We deliver strategic counsel in these areas for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, animal health and functional foods companies, proactively identifying and overcoming any challenges as needed to ensure our clients’ success.


Understanding the ‘why’

Clarifying the unmet need

Building a strategic scientific story


Preparing for market entry and product stories

Identifying and prioritizing target audiences

Identifying and addressing potential issues


Establishing the need

Preparing for launch success

Analyzing and communicating data

Engaging stakeholders

Media announcements for milestones

Launch /

Ensuring access

Updating strategy with additional data

Create excitement around launch


Identifying novel patient profiles

Developing a foundation of success for pipeline products

Lifecycle management

The Ripple Effect

We have combined our deep experience and expertise to craft a curated selection of resources on the impact of COVID-19 on the clinical trial space, from a multidisciplinary perspective. With our new Ripple Effect website, we hope to enable you to make informed decisions across different functions and within your companies as the situation develops. Content on the site will constantly evolve to stay ahead of the ever-changing environment, so please do check back regularly. Click here to explore the Ripple Effect site.

With strategic healthcare communications skills at our core, a mixture of the following activities support us in delivering targeted and effective programs for our clients:

Strategic communications planning insights

Stakeholder mapping & engagement

Needs assessment

Creative design & branding

Analytics & insights

Digital marketing & communications

Sustainability Communications

Multichannel education

Content development

Communications skills training

Web, media, & print production

Events planning & management

Employee engagement

Meeting moderation & workshop facilitation

Green Events

Corporate Communications

“Each person is completely unique, yet those differences combined undoubtedly define our success.”

Carolyn Armstrong

Senior Program Director, AXON London

Carolyn Armstrong

Medical Communications

Our aim is to drive change in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of healthcare professionals, addressing unmet medical needs and ultimately helping improve outcomes for patients. We support the development of strategically and scientifically robust medical communications, including:

Medical Communications expertise icon
  • Congress & symposia activities
  • Steering committee meetings
  • Advisory boards
  • Medical writing
  • Roundtables
  • Publications
  • Responsible and ‘green’ events

“Our clients really value our ability to bring together different expertise and experience from across AXON and our broader network”

Sam Barnes

Senior Director, AXON London

Mark Khan

Public Relations

Based on a deep understanding of science and the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and payors, we create communications that change the lives of those living with, or affected by, health issues. We create strategic and effective communications tailored to the audience’s needs and product lifecycle/situation.

public relations expertise icon
  • Product pre-launch & launch
  • Disease awareness
  • Product & data milestones
  • Issues preparedness & crisis management
  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Media engagement
  • Corporate, franchise & congress communications
  • Media training
  • Responsible and ‘green’ events
  • Sustainability communications support

“For me, inspiration comes from the amazing people I work with on interesting and novel projects.”

Caroline Chin

Account Director, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Marny Bruce

Real World

market access expertise tools icon

On behalf of our clients, we devise strategic and impactful real-world stakeholder engagement programs that generate data, demonstrate value, and support patient access to innovative medicines and devices. We support our clients in three core ways. Firstly, we offer expertise in real-world data generation at all stages of the development cycle, from early landscape analyses or stakeholder surveys to establish unmet need through to designing and helping execute health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) studies. Secondly, we also help our clients articulate the value of their products, developing compelling value narratives and communications, underpinned by our deep understanding of key stakeholder beliefs and behaviors. Thirdly, we work with market access teams in the UK, Europe, and US to develop compelling value stories for our clients’ products and devise strategies to enhance access through governmental affairs and public policy.

Clinical Trial Services

tools icon - Clinical Trial Services Expertise

From trial start to finish, we elevate each communication touchpoint for successful trial completion. We know the business of clinical trials; yet, more importantly, the art of human connection. We care about breaking down complex science into digestible formats to empower and educate site staff and patients throughout the clinical trial journey. Conducting sound scientific research is challenging, both at the site and patient level. We ease the burden by applying relevant insights to deliver innovative approaches that address recruitment and retention challenges, unique to each trial.