A study at a speed dating event in Edinburgh, Scotland, demonstrated that within the first 30 seconds, a third of dates were already over, with women being more speedy to judge than men!1 Clearly first impressions count when it comes to making a match. With this in mind, we set out to find out more about the first (and lasting) impressions we make as individuals and as a Firm.

We asked teams to complete a dating profile for AXON. To summarise the common themes, AXON can be described as enthusiastic, reliable, creative, dedicated and in love with science; with an eclectic taste in music, and fond of baking (and eating!) the odd cake or two.

We also got to try our hand at speed dating – our colleagues! The event gave us the opportunity to ask questions that (not surprisingly!) don’t tend to crop up during a typical working day. For example, ”what superhero would you be and why?“ or ”what hidden talent do you have?“ Judging by the volume of conversation and laughter, there were some pretty intriguing answers!

While these exercises made for a fun team-building day, there were a number of lessons from the day that are highly relevant to our success as consultants. Clearly, it’s vital that we make a good first impression with clients and potential candidates alike. Furthermore, we are looking to partner with clients long-term and we hope that candidates will go on to build a long and fulfilling career at AXON. Matchmaking plays a key role in each of these interactions. Is AXON the right fit for that candidate? Does that client have values in common with AXON? Have we got the right mix of people on a team? Is that team member the best person to partner with that particular client?

So how can we ensure the right matches? ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker Look through your book, And make me a perfect match’. If only matchmaking was as simple as this extract from Fiddler on the Roof suggests. In reality, it is a fine art, but one that we believe it’s important to strive to perfect.

So, if you think a team of enthusiastic, creative, baking-mad science-lovers could be your perfect match, then let’s spend 30 seconds together!

James Davies

1. “Men, you have 30 seconds to impress women” The Scotsman Apr 14 2006