We’re proud to announce winners of the Firm’s 2018 Achievement Awards.

Every year, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of employees who, through their exceptional contributions, reinforced the Firm’s values and vision and promoted its growth and leadership position in communication.

Nominated by their colleagues, 14 AXON team members were honored this year for their exceptional accomplishments in five different categories.

In addition to the winners in local categories, our parent company AVENIR GLOBAL presented an international employee recognition award to Kate Krivy, Senior Account Manager, AXON Clinical Trial Services.

Kate received the Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of the Firm’s founder and presented to an individual whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out. Since joining the Firm in 2015, Kate has demonstrated strong organization skills and exemplary scientific rigor that is highly appreciated by her peers and clients. Kate also stood out for her community engagement, promoting mental health as a volunteer for the Toronto Distress Centre.

The Support Services Achievement Award

  • Alec Quintalino (AXON US)
  • Bernard Nganso (AXON UK)

The Business Development and Management Achievement Award

  • Shawn Patterson (AXON CTS)
  • Jeffrey Freedman (AXON US)
  • Kate Peregrin (AXON UK)

The Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award

  • Jay Virani (AXON CTS)
  • Kerry Gardiner (AXON UK)
  • Jaclyn Confalone (AXON UK)

The Innovation Achievement Award

  • Sophie Bullock (AXON UK)

The Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award

  • Kate Krivy (AXON CTS)
  • Sarah Gould (AXON US)
  • Rachel Perkins (AXON UK)
  • Anna Humber (AXON UK)
  • Ellen Robertshaw (AXON UK)

Please join us in congratulating our team member’s in their accomplishments!