After nine years working in AXON’s Toronto office, my husband Mike and I decided we wanted to make a life change. London has been calling us quietly for many years, but the voice was getting louder and, let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. Having grown up career-wise at AXON, the thought of leaving was not something I was comfortable contemplating.

With almost a decade with the Firm under my belt, I have grasped every opportunity and highly value my experience, specifically working with the many talented consultants that I call colleagues as well as mentors and friends.

Fortunately, having the benefit of being part of an international network has given us the opportunity to fill our need for change. The mobility program at AXON enables us the chance to explore opportunities with other offices within our network, in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

So, in October, my husband and I took the plunge! We packed up our life in Toronto, including our dog, Teko, and started on our adventure to London.  The paperwork and planning was intense, but well worth it when we set foot on British ground and headed to the flat we would call home (even though we hadn’t even seen it yet)!

Making a major move can be stressful, but AXON helped make it easy. I have spent many years working in cross-office teams and already knew many of my new officemates before my arrival. The team here in London is amazing and welcoming, and with a breadth of people from across the world, I didn’t feel like a stranger from another office or country!

While I miss my own office space (ah, office…), I am adapting and embracing the open concept set up of the AXON UK office. It spurs dialogue and creativity, and as a new member to this team, is a great way to integrate right from the start.

My account focus here in the UK is on international work, a passion of mine, and I couldn’t feel luckier being given the chance to pursue my career goals and life goals, both at the same time, in such a wonderful city.

Mike, Teko and I are so happy with our decision to move and are enjoying all that London has to offer. We are six months into our adventure and every day is exciting both personally and professionally.


Elisabeth Mozel-Jury