• AXON announces the launch of a new sustainable events offering to deliver quality events that don’t cost the planet 
  • Guided by AXON’s sustainable events best practices, the new offering will support clients looking to reduce the environmental and social impact of their events 
  • AXON also commits to offset all carbon dioxide emissions from essential flights for business activities and encourages clients to do the same 

London, UK – Today, AXON Communications launches a new Sustainable Events offering, providing quality events to clients that don’t cost the planet. As part of AXON’s recently launched Sustainability Group, the new events offering leverages AXON’s deep expertise across communications, healthcare,  sustainability and events management. This unique blend of experience enables AXON to work with clients to deliver successful events – whether they are virtual, face-to-face or hybrids – that also deliver toward clients’ commitments to sustainable development.

We’re increasingly seeing our clients’ businesses committing to sustainable action, and  traditional event formats are often at odds with these ambitions – particularly in terms of waste and emissions from international travel,” said Lucy Hagger, AXON Sustainability Group Lead. “At AXON, we see an opportunity, based on our team’s unique expertise, to support those looking to adapt and innovate the way they host events for the better – whether that’s starting with modest changes like going paperless, or pushing for more radical innovation.”  

Guided by its ‘SEE’ (Sustainable Events Excellence) best practices, AXON is supporting clients looking to improve the environmental and social sustainability of their events. The AXON SEE best practices include: 

  • Partnering with changemaking suppliersAXON will be partnering with “responsible” suppliers, with demonstrated minimum standards of social and environmental sustainability  
  • Delivering engaging virtual eventsOptimising audience engagement and learning opportunities by helping clients deliver creative, high-quality virtual or hybrid events  
  • Reducing waste and going circular: Using responsibly sourced materials, incorporating creative and innovative approaches to reduce waste, and improve the circularity of event outputs and materials  
  • Minimising, avoiding and balancing emissions: Using greener travel options for face-to-face and hybrid events; choosing destinations that limit international travel, and responsibly offsetting emissions for essential flights 
  • Achieving balanceStriking the right balance between ambition and achievability and acknowledging that every client has different ambitions and goals.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way that people collaborate and connect. Being physically forced apart has led us all to lean heavily on new technology, and re-think our traditional approaches, as demonstrated by the 64 virtual events we delivered last year alone,” said Sindy Saran, Associate Director and Events Lead, AXON Communications. “Alternative and innovative event formats are in-demand more than ever before, and at AXON, we intend to be at the forefront of this change – working with clients looking to innovate beyond just holding on-screen events to reduce their impact in other ways.” 

Alongside the launch of the Sustainable Events offering, AXON is also committing to offset all carbon dioxide emissions from essential flights for business activities—offsetting its own costs and encouraging clients to think about and act upon their own travel impact as well. With a focus on forest conservation and restoration, AXON will collaborate with the World Land Trust to balance out emissions from flight travel when business flights start occurring once again 


If you want to find out more about AXON’s Sustainability offering, or just have a chat, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at AxonSustainability@axon-com.com. 

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The AXON Sustainability Group  

At the end of 2020, AXON launched the AXON Sustainability Group, offering a range of expertise and services to help clients achieve and communicate progress in the area of sustainability. Read more about the AXON Sustainability Group here 

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