Maximillian Bailor

Name: Maximillian Bailor, PhD
Scientific Affairs Associate and Medical Writer

Max joins us after spending the past two years at International Meetings & Science as a science associate, creating, editing and revising scientific content for a variety of communications initiatives. Prior to IMSCI, Max was a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University from 2010-2014. Max has a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Grinnell College and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Michigan.

Q. What has been the highlight of your communications career so far?
A. Making the move to AXON

Q. What is the best piece of comms advice you’ve ever been given?
A. The client needs to be spoon fed information

Q. Which media source do you trust most?
A: For fun: Twitter and Instagram
A: For business: As there are data or reference sources to back it

Q. What company/brand would you most like to work on?
A: Any of the Ebola vaccines

Q. Which communicator do you most admire? (Past or present)
A: For conversational purposes, I’ll go with Banksy

Q. What is your top comms tip?
A: Never use the default setting

Q. The best thing about working in comms is…
A: The diversity of work, opportunities, and people. There is a lot to learn and a lot of people to learn from.

Q. If I wasn’t in comms I would…
A: I would want to be an infographics designer or something to do with information visualization

Q. Tell us something that very few people know about you.
A: My grandmother was an African tribal chieftain, the first (maybe second) in Sierra Leone

Q. When I’m not working I like to…
A: I like stories, whether that’s listening, watching, or reading. I try to indulge in it as much as possible