To support a label extension for a product in multiple sclerosis, there was the need to develop an effective value story and compelling narrative that could be adopted consistently across Europe to support market access activities. To inform this value story, a thorough landscape analysis was needed, which included qualitative interviews with a broad range of stakeholders within priority markets in Europe.

A three-phased approach was chosen to develop and refine value messages based on thorough stakeholder research:

  • Phase 1: Information gathering and initial development of value story
    • Internal and external audits
    • Internal interviews
    • Messaging workshop
  • Phase 2: Validation and completion of the value story
    • External landscape/validation research
    • Internal validation and research findings
    • Refine and approve messaging and narrative development
  • Phase 3: Internal rollout
    • Materials shared with affiliates to support market access activities
    • Measurement and evaluation

The developed value story was validated by key internal and external stakeholders to ensure its utility across the key markets of interest; it was then integrated into the existing value dossier to support payor engagement in Europe.