There was a need to provide senior market access executives with a deeper insight into the payor landscape and mindset (beliefs, motivations, drivers) with the aim of facilitating payor engagement. In addition, there was a need to upskill local market access teams with the ‘soft-skills’ needed to facilitate payor negotiations and work better as an internal team.

Developed and delivered payor engagement training workshop to senior market access executives, including:

  • 1-day workshop with mixture of plenary sessions, breakout role-play scenarios, general discussion sessions, and group exercises
  • Video interviews with payors to provide insights around payor beliefs, motivations, drivers, and perceptions of value and innovation
  • Insights to drive skills training on the iterative process, mapping motivations, storytelling, negotiation skills, and communications styles

Developed and delivered "soft skills" training to local market access teams, including:

  • Modular e-learning interactive training, including role-play sessions
  • Training of regional ambassadors to act as ‘train-the-trainer’ champions for further rollout of the training program in local language

Insights into the beliefs and behaviors of payors across Europe provided the market access team with a deeper understanding of the different payor archetypes and how best to engage with them. Soft skills refined through the training enhanced payor engagement, as well as strengthening communications within the internal team.