Postdoctoral researchers held their 8th Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) Postdoctoral Symposium at the Leon and Norma Hess Center for Science and Medicine in NYC’s Upper East Side. The event took place on September 15th with the theme “Moving Academia Forward.” This symposium gave Mount Sinai postdocs a forum to learn about careers beyond academia, including those in the field of medical communications.

In addition to data-driven presentations, outside keynote speakers shared their views on how the skills they acquire at the laboratory bench can transition to a variety of alternate work options for PhDs. During the dinner reception, in addition to medical communications, representatives from sectors of the healthcare industry such as pharmaceuticals, publishing, and consulting were present to inform and educate the postdoc community in an informal setting.

AXON US was represented by John Facciponte, PhD, and the symposium gave him an opportunity to connect with area postdocs interested in medical communications as a career option. Working in a research-driven academic environment with high demands and tight deadlines, many postdocs have little exposure to career options outside of their career services office. Postdoc symposiums therefore serve as an ideal environment for cultivating relationships between the postdoc community and the medical communications industry.

Besides informing postdocs about the field in general, John relayed insights from his professional experiences and highlighted the capabilities and services that AXON US provides. Most postdocs are pleasantly surprised to learn that pharma and consulting are not the end of the road outside academia; in fact, their skillset and talents make them ideal candidates for a career in communications.

Overall, the Mount Sinai Postdoctoral symposium gave John a chance to connect with the local postdoc community in a casual atmosphere by educating postdocs about medical communications as a viable career option. In particular, it was a valuable networking event providing a venue for nearby NYC-area postdocs to learn about career opportunities at AXON US.