Since our start at AXON NY in March 2017 as Editorial Assistant and Account Executive, respectively, every day has been a learning experience for us.

From day one, we were welcomed with open arms by everyone in the office. The team here is an exemplary group of people who each bring to the table unique talents and unparalleled personal and professional support. From our work with these colleagues and our clients, we’ve learned new ways to think and how to implement innovative methods to solve whatever problems our clients send our way.

To assist us with this problem solving, we’ve participated in cross-office collaboration with colleagues in nearly every office across the Firm, highlighting the truly global reach of our network—the AVENIR GLOBAL extended family.

We’ve learned to take advantage of the individual strengths of each office, and to ask for help so we are always learning and growing. AXON NY has cultivated an environment where no question is deemed “stupid” or too small, and everyone is accessible to everyone for help, advice, or just a friendly chat. Our culture is such that the relationships we’ve built, even in such a short time, will carry us through the rest of our careers and beyond.

These interactions with our colleagues have also taught us the standards of quality to which we should strive. Sometimes, it is far too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of our daily work or become discouraged by particularly difficult clients. However, it is important to take a step back and remember that our work will ultimately have a meaningful impact in patients’ lives and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Evita Sanchez, Director of Client Services, says, “Alec has demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to his clients, to his peers, and to the quality of his work. Alec is very conscientious and always willing to reach out for help to make sure that he is doing the job properly. He is an asset and resource to both external clients and internal peers. We look forward to his continued success within our firm!”

Additionally, Editorial Director Marrecca Fiore says, “The benefits that Sarah has brought to AXON are immense. She continually impresses me with the enthusiasm and dedication she brings to every project; her energy and willingness to learn is contagious. Sarah is a true collaborator, who has spent just as much time teaching her colleagues, as she has learning from them. I look forward to watching her grow in her new role.”

Regardless of the task at hand, our day-to-day work is driven by the values by which our Firm lives and thrives.

As we move into our new roles as Editor and Program Manager, we feel confident in our ability to tackle whatever new challenges will come our way. We are looking forward to what’s coming next for our futures here.