Insights-driven communications that harness real-world evidence to demonstrate value and help secure patient access to innovative therapies. We collaborate with real-world evidence, medical affairs, HEOR and market access clients to inform, engage, and activate the right stakeholders. By doing so, we shape the healthcare environment and improve patient outcomes.

Bespoke solutions informed by stakeholder insights

We help design impactful real-world evidence plans to bring about meaningful change to the lives of patients. We build stakeholder relationships to understand how to best demonstrate value and deploy strategies to overcome market access challenges.

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Winner of "Best in HEOR" at the Clinical Research & Excellence (CARE) awards

How we can help

Evidence generation

Devising robust strategic plans for real-world evidence generation, helping design and implement real-world studies, and putting in place governance around real-world research.

Evidence synthesis

Reviewing and synthesizing evidence through targeted or systematic literature reviews, gap analyses, and competitor and landscape analyses.

Evidence dissemination

Disseminating real-world research through publications, data visualization, and innovative delivery formats tailored to the needs of specific stakeholders.

Value demonstration

Leveraging clinical data and real-world evidence to assess and demonstrate the holistic value of a therapy for the patient, physician, and healthcare system.

Value communications

Developing value narratives and communication frameworks that capture and convey the value of a product or initiative to a broad range of stakeholders.

Value engagement

Designing engagement strategies to inform and educate stakeholders on how to assess value in a specific setting or the specific value of a product or initiative.

Access strategy

Devising access strategies that engage the right stakeholders to shape the healthcare environment and support patient access to therapies.

Access training

Creating bespoke internal training programs for market access teams to enhance understanding of payor beliefs and behaviors and to facilitate dialogue and engagement.

Access engagement

Implementing effective engagement strategies with policy makers and governmental bodies to shape healthcare priorities and the healthcare environment.

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Case studies

Explore some of our recent examples of how we have supported clients to harness their real-world evidence to demonstrate value and support access to their therapies.


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