By Brad Langhoff

No workday is like any other for me due to AXON’s unique position in this healthcare communications nexus. Throughout my recent internship, I’ve found myself being involved in project management, survey programming and the analysis of subsequent data in Excel, researching and negotiating pricing models with vendors, identifying and then purchasing access to scientific articles for our editorial team, and numerous other tasks. In completing my varied assignments, I have been able to collaborate with nearly everyone in our New York office. Whether my colleagues were on our client services or editorial teams, I was able to garner a deep insight into medical communications, public relations, clinical trials, and market access communications (as well as the myriad of people and processes that are involved in running an agency of this size), as well as the life science industry at large.

My summer internship has been no less than eye opening in terms of career exploration! Coming from a rare academic background rooted in both economics and biology, I am not entirely certain of any specific career path that I would like to take, but I have at learned that there is an entire industry employing this sort of diverse talent here at AXON. Ideally, my dream career would allow me to apply my learnings from econometrics and statistics as often as those from genetics and organic chemistry. More importantly, I aspire to contribute actively toward an industry that procures profound benefits for those it affects, directly or indirectly. Wherever I find this role, whether it’s ultimately at AXON, a pharmaceutical firm, a financial institution or a non-profit, I’ll certainly be able to credit this internship, and by extension the LifeSci NYC program, with having initially cast me in the right direction.

Being originally from a very small town in Connecticut, I decided to swap out the quiet, wooded summer setting of the suburbs of East Granby for the bustling streets of New York by attending Fordham University and diving head first into a life sciences internship with AXON. I am about to enter my senior year and I am most grateful for having made this decision, as both studying and living in New York City have made pursuing my career interests immeasurably easier than if I had gone elsewhere. Namely, other than the obvious benefit of being able to commute easily to interviews in the area, I was able to take part in a priceless opportunity that has been LifeSci NYC’s internship program. LifeSci NYC was helpful from the very start, as the application process exposed me to a variety of positions, companies, and lines of work that I would likely not have known about without having participated in the program. More importantly, it opened the door to a wonderful and educational summer internship with the team at AXON, which take their work and client responsibilities extremely seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously – which has been and hopefully will be my recipe for success going forward.