On September 21st, AXON’s John Facciponte, PhD, had the opportunity to attend the 9th Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) Postdoctoral Symposium at the Leon and Norma Hess Center for Science and Medicine in NYC’s Upper East Side. The event’s theme was “How to Make the Most of Your Postdoc.” This symposium gave Mount Sinai postdocs and other postdocs in the NYC area a live forum to learn about careers beyond academia, including the field of medical communications.

Outside keynote speakers shared their views on how the skills they acquire at the laboratory bench can transition to a variety of alternate work options for PhDs. Two concurrent panel discussions shed light on academia and industry. One discussed recruitment for faculty positions, and the other, “Compelling Careers in Healthcare Technology”, discussed what a business-oriented career may look like and explored potential paths to get there.

During the dinner reception, representatives from the healthcare industry such as healthcare advertising, pharmaceuticals, and medical affairs were present to inform and educate the postdoc community in an informal setting.

By attending the event, John was afforded the opportunity to re-connect with local postdocs interested in medical communications as a career option. “Working in a research-driven academic environment with high demands and tight deadlines, many postdocs have little exposure to career options outside their career services office, making this event an excellent platform to connect and discuss options such as medcomms,” said John.

With tenure-track positions lacking at the outset, both senior and first year postdocs were interested in understanding how to transition into medcomms and what skill sets are needed. Most postdocs were pleasantly surprised to learn the skills they had acquired during their studies, such as such as time and project management, scientific lay communication, organization, leadership, and networking, are all transferable to the medical communications field. In addition to informing postdocs about the field in general, John relayed insights from his professional experiences and highlighted the capabilities and services that AXON US provides.

Overall, the Mount Sinai Postdoctoral symposium once again gave John a chance to interact with the local postdoc community in an informal atmosphere to highlight the medical communications field and showcase AXON US in particular as a great place to start a new career.