With strategic healthcare communications skills at our core, AXON Communications prides itself on a diverse team with expertise in a variety of areas.

Beyond our healthcare credentials, we also help organisations demonstrate leadership in sustainability, and successfully facilitate and accelerate behavioural change through communications, through our AXON Sustainability Group.

How do we facilitate progress through sustainability communications?

We support clients across a range of sustainability initiatives. For example, in 2013, AXON helped set up the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) to unite the salmon farming industry, and to act as a platform for collaboration on industry-wide sustainability progress. The GSI brought together what ultimately became four animal feed, four pharmaceutical and 13 farming companies – representing about 50% of the global salmon farming industry.

In the ensuing years, working as the GSI Secretariat, we helped develop the initiative’s sustainability communications and strategy—with a focus on facilitating genuine progress in sustainability and as a result improve the reputation of the industry. In addition to this, we provided stakeholder mapping and engagement, message and narrative development, media relations, digital and social media, events, internal communications and more. We also managed data collection and developed the GSI’s sustainability report – a report in which all GSI members transparently share their sustainability data in one place – a first of its kind in the food sector.

The initiative has been a tremendous success. GSI became a highly engaged, motivated and inspiring group of collaborators, tackling global sustainability priorities within salmon farming. The WWF even referred to GSI as a “game-changer” in their Business Case article – take a read here.

Through sustainability communications and the work of each GSI member – from CEOs to veterinarians, factory suppliers and the salmon farmers themselves, GSI has driven industry-wide, global improvements in sustainability that would not have been possible if companies were operating in isolation.


How we can help you

Sustainability is important in everything we do, both at home and at work, and communicating about sustainability has become a greater and more pressing need for our clients.

We have shown just one example of how we have utilised our experience in sustainability communications to drive progress within the aquaculture industry. This knowledge, understanding and expertise can be applied to all sectors, and we can help organisations successfully facilitate and accelerate behavioural change. Here are some more examples of our skill set:

If you are on your own sustainability journey, and want more information about what the AXON Sustainability Group can do to support you, you can see more details here or reach out directly to  axonsustainability@axon.com.com. Our experienced team will provide counsel and direction to help you.