About two years ago, I decided to take up a new sport. Who knows why I did – mid-life crisis, fear of developing a seemingly inevitable beer belly, wanting to be a healthy, active dad for my very small kids – probably all three and more, if truth be told!

I have always been up for a challenge – socially and professionally – so I thought I would really push the bar out this time. So I took up boxing. Now, a lot of people take up boxing, but a high proportion of those give up after taking their first punch – and after taking mine for the first time, I wanted to join that group. But after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (the latter from taking the occasional ‘low blow’) I am still in there and loving it. There is such a buzz from the (physical and technical) challenge, the adrenaline rush (aka ‘the sheer panic dance’) and the camaraderie among my trainers and fellow wannabe pugilists (although the time I was told “Man, you have NO rhythm,” when I tried to skip Rocky-style for the first time, still wrangles).

Why am I telling you this? Mainly to say that taking yourself outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to do things you don’t really think are ‘you’ isn’t really as scary as you would first imagine, and actually benefits you in so many ways.  And this mentality doesn’t just have to relate to your social life – I believe you can and should let it be part of your professional life as well. That’s really why I came back to AXON – the challenge of being part of, and developing, an already very successful company; the wanting to better myself in my career by learning from some very smart people; and, most importantly, the daily fun I have with all my colleagues, which gets me through those occasional long, tough days.

So push yourself and enjoy the rewards. Let me know how you get on… 🙂

Reghu Venkatesan