When most people hear the word “spring”, they think “warmer weather”, “flowers”, and “baseball.” But for those suffering from allergies, the word “spring” can be a painful reminder of sneezing, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) reports that allergy is the 5th leading chronic disease in the United States and impacts approximately one out of five Americans.1 With some of the most common allergy triggers being tree, grass, and weed pollen, it is no wonder some people are reluctant to venture outside once the wintry snow clears and the trees begin to bud.

Many people who suffer from allergies are unaware their symptoms can be prevented and controlled. The first step to controlling allergies is knowing your allergy triggers. A simple allergy test can identify what people with allergies may be sensitive to and what may be causing their allergies. The skin prick test and the Specific IgE Blood Test are two examples of allergy tests available to help people with allergies identify their triggers.

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information and has a specific interest in educating people who are suffering from asthma and allergies. To help people with allergies, and the caregivers of people with allergies, Quest Diagnostics is hosting a series of webinars this spring. The webinars will identify signs and symptoms of allergies, discover the importance of allergy testing, and explore the different types of allergy testing, including ImmunoCAP® Specific IgE Blood Test, a blood allergy test offered by Quest Diagnostics. ImmunoCAP® Specific IgE Blood Test identifies what allergens may be causing a patient’s allergy symptoms.

If you or someone you know has allergies or is interested in learning more about allergies and the different types of allergy testing available visit www.questdiagnostics.com/allergyforum to sign up for a free webinar!



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