Changing lives

Our work matters – because good communication can improve lives. Through all our activities, we aim to positively impact the lives of patients and the people who care for them, whether they are one of many, or one in a million.

Patients at the heart (PATH)

Regardless of focus, we believe the patient should be at the heart of every story we tell. We want to understand the world through the eyes of the community to uncover the beliefs and motivations that affect health outcomes. We develop effective patient engagement strategies that ensure patients’ voices and needs are heard and are at the core of every communication.

Life-changing communication

We are change makers! Working at the forefront of scientific innovation and medical advancement, we do not take anything for granted. Instead, we use data, insights, and evidence from the real world to inform strategic communications that provoke meaningful change in people’s lives.

Making a difference

Our work truly makes a difference to people’s lives and can improve patient care by elevating levels of knowledge and facilitating access to new treatments and interventions. If you want to contribute with meaning every day, get in touch.


Working at AXON

Feel at home and be set to thrive. Our team is a mosaic of bright individuals and diverse thinkers, with different backgrounds, living in different countries and with a variety of expertise. Everyone is committed to making a meaningful difference to people’s lives through their work, and that passion and commitment shine through every day at AXON.

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