Gentlemen walking around pretending to be Johnny Depp look-a-likes, but in reality you see Cinco de Mayo with a hint of Poirot? Yep, it’s Movember. The month where men are given an excuse to grow a mustache is here, promoting men’s health and its notorious reputation for no discussion. The Movember campaign started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 with just 30 registrants! However, this popular campaign has grown to an inspiring 1.9 million worldwide ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’ raising GBP 79.3 million last year all in aid of men’s health, specifically cancers affecting men.

I have known of Movember for a few years, but it hadn’t struck me how popular it had become until I sat in my local pub last weekend and noticed the entire male bar staff sporting a mustache (some of the junior members struggling, but we applaud their efforts all the same). With big brands backing the campaign, such as Wilkinson Sword in its third year of support and Heinz jumping on the band wagon with HP sauce, you begin to question what is it that made Movember a success?

In my view, the winning combination is comedy and awkwardness. We have seen this partnership excel already this year with the Paralympics in London. In the UK, Channel 4’s coverage was the perfect mix of comedy, allowing people to ‘relax’ around what can be seen as an awkward situation and ensuring the ‘elephant in the room’ is laughing with us and not at us. One could argue that it is male pride that prevents a lot of men seeing the doctor, but Movember has taken this masculinity and ingeniously made it humorous. It’s simple but so effective, breaking down the barriers of awkwardness whether it is in your health, job or relationships seems to be the answer to success. And the way to do it? Laugh.

Here at AXON we have an inspiring employee who has joined the campaign, Chuck Johnston. Based in our Toronto office, I think he has several reasons to be happy with his choice, of course he is raising money for a great cause but he is also keeping himself warm in the winter months and saving time on shaving (practical and efficient – he’s the winner lads!) If you would like to support Chuck in his quest then please follow this link to his fundraising page:

In conclusion, I am confident if we laughed a bit more the results would be clear, a healthier and far less awkward life for all.

Emma Gayler