Igniting change in healthcare through the power of communication.

Our work matters – because good communication can improve lives. This demands we find new ways of thinking and doing, every day.

Global healthcare communication specialists

At the core of every scientific innovation and medical advancement, there is a simple and compelling story to be told. We know how to tell that story, how to use the right tools to reach the right audiences at the right time, to provoke meaningful change.

1,000+ people
Started with one person and is now a growing global network!

3 regions
Our newest state-of-the-art space is at Riverside House, London.

20+ years
Mixing a wealth of experience with creative and diverse thinking.

100+ clients
Through trust and collaboration, we’ve built enduring partnerships.

Straight-talking experts

Global healthcare communication specialists, providing clients with advice on medical affairs, clinical studies, real-world evidence, marketing, advocacy, and communication.

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Working at AXON

Feel at home and be set to thrive. Our team is a mosaic of bright individuals and diverse thinkers, with different backgrounds, living in different countries and with a variety of expertise. Everyone is committed to making a meaningful difference to people’s lives through their work, and that passion and commitment shine through every day at AXON.

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