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Our recent feature in @therealprmoment highlights what we can accomplish through experience & ambition. #Sustainability is a key priority for AXON; we’ve achieved 100% renewable energy & zero waste to landfill in our London office, but we pledge to do more…

So many of us are familiar with #awareness days and milestones, whether because the cause is close to our hearts, or a campaign was particularly impactful. But why are they so critical? Discover more from our AXON colleague and awareness day expert @Steff_E_Hill #Health #Advocacy…

Reflecting on the amazing work and support @AxonComms provided us to bring our report and the stories within it to life. Thank you so much team and lets keep stepping FORWARD!💪🏿💜… Retweeted by AXON Communications


Building on our diverse backgrounds and vast experience, we provide specialty healthcare communications consulting in:

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“I love the international feel of our business, working with people with very different approaches.”

Ralph Sutton

International Managing Partner, AXON

Ralph Sutton


Our unique approach helps our clients translate complicated scientific data into clear and compelling narratives for their target audiences:


Research that uncovers the real needs and delivers actionable insights.


Customized strategy for multichannel communication solutions.


Best-in-class creative solutions that achieve measurable outcomes.

“Communications is a powerful lever on the journey to sustainability, and the AXON Sustainability Group offers a range of expertise and services to help your organization achieve and communicate progress in sustainability”

Lucy Hagger

Sustainability Group Lead, AXON

Track Record

“AXON provides a suite of services that are very complementary for the work at hand (communications, PAG, website development). The team I worked with was very strong at developing relationships and keeping the project moving forward.”- Global Study Manager

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